About Me

I am a professional coach, consultant, and trainer who specializes in helping women with empowerment issues, particularly in the areas of interpersonal relationships, wellness, and even self-confidence.

My name is Natasha Evans, and I am a speaker, researcher, trainer, coach, consultant, and educator in the field of general psychology. I have a rich background in the fields of psychology, communications, and general human services. While I have very good credentials and expertise, it is my own life experiences that have helped shaped my practice and research. As a woman, I understand the needs that women have in different areas of life. I have developed empowerment tools, resources, and guidance to help you to enhance the quality of your own life. After a devastating loss, I had to rebuild my own life and confidence. From this process, I have felt guided to help those who are on their own journeys of strength and empowerment. You simply want to be the best you can in this life. Let me help you on your own journey.


  • B.A., Communication Studies, Virginia Tech, Cum Laude Graduate; Specializing in speech and interpersonal communication
  • M.S. General Human Services, Capella University
  • Graduate coursework in counseling, University of Virginia
  • Ph.D. coursework in General Psychology

Certifications, Additional Training & Awards

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Served as a career and leadership coach
  • Over 17 years of experience as a psychology faculty member and educator

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